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If you want to know more about the Czech Republic, 'Czech' out these resources!

Epiphany: the light of the world

The freshness of Januaries is one of my favourite times of the year. Now that we are part of a culture that marks Epiphany ( the season of celebrating the revelation of the saviour, beginning with the visit of the Magi), this season is becoming dearer to my heart.

A family of FOUR! Introducing our newest blessing

It's been a long time coming, and this past month has been a whirlwind! But we are finally ready to officially announce that we have a new addition to our family through adoption. His name is Erik John Forney and he's been with us now for 4 big days!

Snapshots of Summer

Photos from July & August 2017

Summertime reflections

This summer highlighted areas of growth for us, as well as places we are growing, as we continue to seek God and understand His role for us in the Czech Republic.

Lessons learned in Switzerland

A peaceful retreat in Switzerland allowed me to worship and learn alongside some amazing women with Entrust Ministries.

SHARE education conference

This past week we were blessed to be able to attend an education conference in Hungary. Read on to find out what it entailed!

Redo Christmas

Sickness plagued our plans for Christmas, lessons were learned, and a belated celebration happened in January!

2017 thus far...

We hit the road running this year, here's a quick recap of all that has happened!

Lentils for the New Year!

We welcomed the New Year with a delicious black bean and lentil chili!

Vanočka: Czech Christmas bread

What an honour to have been taught to make this special, festive bread by friends from church.

Why the fish?

Christmas in the Czech Republic has some very different traditions!

Small purposes, big purposes.

Some days, being available is enough.

Christmas at Školka

Thanksgiving 2016

We had the opportunity to host our own Thanksgiving this year with Czech friends from church and school!

Glimpses of heaven around our kitchen table

We have had the privilege and pleasure to host a small missional community at our house once a month.

In the Kitchen

Our test run for Christmas baking began with a surprise find at the grocery store!

Christmas Photoshoot

We had a chance to do a photoshoot this Christmas around town.

A quick summer update

This summer has been full and we have really enjoyed our first summer in Europe. It was only June that my family came to visit.

A Czechamerican Easter

We had the joy of celebrating Easter with our church family and some close friends this past weekend.